Here you can find a small collection of relevant projects. Websites without links are either not online anymore or not open to the public.

Development and launch of a brand new game. As PHP developer the resposibilities included e.g. the event tracking and the nackend architecture of the trade system
InnoGames most recent game gives players the opportunity to create their own fantasy city as human or elf.
Supporting the team in multiple roles. As Software Quality Engineer I was responsible for the refactoring of the whole award system and as interim agile coach I was responsible for the agile process of the team.
One of InnoGames most succesfull games, and still going strong. Players can conquer ancient greek or found new cities peacefully.
Partner Integration Service
Responsible for Concepts, architecture and development for a module based configuration tool with PHP 5 (Zend Framework) for administration of all partner associated game data. In order to relief a legacy software the main focus was on usability, maintainability, expandability and performance.
Due to the modulare architecture, the tool now serves as base for all new administrative configuration tools within Bigpoint.
Pokerstrategy Free $50 Administration
Agile project and team lead in a B2B project with PHP. The project was started to improve the Pokerstrategy backend administration of poker rooms and the "Free $50" process.
Modix Vehicle Information Service (VIS)
New development and project lead for a Java tool, that regulary imports data from the biggest european car databases (DAT and Schwacke) into the Modix data system. This data is by the Modix plattform to select and identify every possible car types and configurations.
Modix Photoservice
Development and maintenance of an online photoservice in Java and GWT-Ext. The service enables car dealers to add order for freelance photographers who can check and process these orders directly online. Afterwards they can also directly upload the pictures for the dealers online.
Technical support for a student Java programming contest based on the Ricoh SDK/J for Multi-Function-Devices/Printer.
Erstellung geeigneter und aussagekr�ftiger Software Bewertungskriterien zur Beurteilung der Applikation durch Faktoren wie Code, Dokumentation, Design Pattern und OOD/OOP.
Creating reasonable software judging criterias for the applications. Judging is based on code, documentation, design patterns and OOD/OOP.
Assistance for the RiDP Support. Development of JavaME sample applications (Xlet and Serlvet/OSGi).
The applications are used to analyse and reproduce bugs and support problems on the Ricoh Multi-Function-Devices.
Labeled Search Engine
Development of a labeled searched engine in Java, which was based on a former C++ solution. The search needed to be performant for up to 15.000 objects (each with ~20 attributes).
The search engine allows phrases, wildcards and default operations, based on regular expressions. "must exist" and "must not exist" parameter are implemented with +/- operators.
GRT Servlet
Development and maintenance of a Java Servlet that handles the communication between the Global Repair Tool (GRT) and the Server and the database. GRT can use the Servlet to get all needed data, download updates and upload report files.
Call Center Service Tool
Developing a PHP WebService (SOAP) for the global BenQ Call Center. The WebService can be used to get the current software versions for Operator and Service
Global Repair Management
Development and maintenance of the GRM Website in PHP. The Website provides a lot of different informations for partner companies as well as global reports of the GRT data.
The admin area includes the complete User administration for partner companies and GRT
Development of the website and online ticket system for Kölnticket. Integration and import of different ticket systems (MS SQL/MySQL) via PHP. Website is based on an in house PHP CMS tool.
The ticket shop includes about 80.000 events/year.
ITVAS (IT Value Assessment) Application
Development and maintenance of a web based tool for different assessments in Visual .NET/C#. Questionnaires cover more than 3000 Questions based on ITIL and other custom benchmarks.
Questions/answers handling and analysis is based on dependencies within each questionnaire.
Deutsche Post Direct Marketing Shop
Development and maintenance of Deutsche Post Direct Marketing Shop and several smaller shops in Java/JSP.
It's possible to order various Direct Marketing literature and several gratis booklets.
Including a shopping cart functionality.
Deutsche Post eBusiness / eKanban
Developing and maintaining an Import System for the internal Deutsche Post material list.
A Java-Servlets imports and stores the material list in an Oracle Database.
Configuration and execution of the application is based on XML files.
Deutsche Post - Pralinés Post
Development and maintenance of Deutsche Post Pralinés (chocolate candy) shop based on Intershop (now ePages). Shipping includes greeting cards for private and business customers. External Java classes and a Intershop4-PostgreSQL Interface in Perl for storing additional data had been developed.
Data is automatically transferred via FTP to the financial accounting System of Deutsche Post.
Internal holiday schedule
Further development of the internal holiday scheduler in PHP. User management is based on PHPlib.
Holiday data for financial accounting can be exported via PHP generated Excel files.
Created a complete redesign in UML, including Use Cases, Sequence Diagram and Class Diagram.
Development of several sweepstakes in PHP, maintaining of a shop system, the website and expecially the B2B area/login for new customers.
Deutsche Post In Haus Service
Development of two Java/JSP applications, data is stored in Oracle Databases.
The location search is a zip search on a list with predefined "In Haus Service Center" locations.
The product advisor shows the customer one or more solutions using an internal matrix.
Deutsche Post Products & Prices
Price database for all Deutsche Post products. This was used to show and calculate all current rates.
The products and prices area was revised in the course of a relaunch, but the database is still used for several applications within Deutsche Post website.
Deutsche Post Sitemap
Creation of a JSP-sitemap for the internal website of Deutsche Post. Because of the size of the website the main focus was on the usability.
Folding of multiple levels possible with a user friendly design.
Development of several pension calculators for CiV Insurance.
Several Java and Perl forms had been developed in course of the "Rister-Rente", to calculate the expected pension for each customer.
Multiple calculators had been as well developed for PB Insurance to display the different pension models.
This was also implemented in Java.
Development of EOS - "Ellipson Online Service" for the "office building of the future".
The Online Service helps with several in-house services like ordering hired cars, conference rooms or stationery/office supplies.
EOS was implemented in Intershop3/Intershop via Perl, HTML and JavaScript.